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Preliminary Technical Specifications

Recent setup
Full throttle
Special edition
Powder Coat edition
EPA emission rates of 0.9 gr/hour*
Maximum BTU 55 000**
Minimum BTU 20 000**
Efficiency 78%**
Capacity of 52 pounds
Connection to a chimney of  4, 5 or 6 inches UL-103HT
Width: 21 inches
Depth: 29 ¼ inches
Height: 44½ inches
Weight 280 pounds
2 years warranty
* The new EPA standard coming into effect in 2020 will require the stoves sold to emit a pollutant emission rate of less than 2.0 grams / hour
*" This information will be official after homologation.

The  Teaser

Availability of the product ?

It is with immense desolation that we must announce that our product "Drako" will not be marketed. Our search for partners to market this product did not bring any positive results.
Do It Yourself ?

You are interested in this product in DIY kit, please contact us by email to learn more about this possibility.

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